3 Personalized Video Formats to Try If You're on the Fence About Personalization

Man receiving a video ecard, a beginner format for personalized video.
Larry Lubin   Wed April 10, 2019

If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about personalized video content. What you’ve likely heard is that personalized content is the future of marketing, and more consumers now prefer a customized experience with their favourite brands.

It would come as no surprise if you’ve considered creating your own personalized content. But you might not know where to start. Creating a personalized video or any other form of content may feel overwhelming, even for seasoned content creators.

An easy way to start may be to first dip your foot in the water. There are some simple personalized video formats you can try before doing anything on a grand scale.

Personalized Video eCards

One of the easiest ways to start with personalized video is to ditch elaborate set designs, glossy cinematography, and dazzling FX. Personalized video e-cards are the opposite, but no less impactful.

As the name implies, personalized video e-cards simply feature a background that resembles a card design (think Hallmark cards), but with audio layered on.

Types of Video eCards:

First off, there are personalized video birthday cards. If you have a loyalty program and know your customers’ birthdate, send a quick personalized greeting to celebrate the day and convey gratitude for their loyalty to your brand.

You can also experiment with personalized video greeting cards. Depending on the occasion, these short, simple videos can feature a varying array of messages. Perhaps it’s a 6 month anniversary video to honour the length of your client relationship, or an annual check in with the customer to make sure your brand stays top of mind when it comes time for subscription renewal. These cards can use basic information about your customers to provide a personalized touchpoint that makes them feel special and cared for.

How to Use Personalized Video eCards

  • Show customer appreciation
  • Increase brand engagement by establishing rapport with customers
  • Create video ecards as a cutting-edge and easy-to-produce alternative to traditional methods of customer engagement

Personalized Video Invitation

Personalized videos can be simple to create within your budget. You can film a personalized video invitation that features a host in front of a camera - no A-list crew or cast required.

Personalization can be layered on top of the video to convey the purpose of the invitation. Ideally, the invitation will not only reference the recipient directly but also feature messaging and a call-to-action that speaks to their specific needs, goals or pain points.

Personalized video invitations can be used across your business.  For example, if you have an upcoming live stream, you can send your customers a video invitation to inform them of its details. Or if you have an in-store promotion, you could send a video invitation to get them through the front door.

These videos are helpful for building relationships with your audience as they are conversational and make your audience feel like exclusive members of a special club.

How to Use a Personalized Video Invitation

  • Personalized video invitations are ideal for encouraging conversions (especially getting customers to attend or visit you offline or online)
  • You can use personalized video invitations to welcome new subscribers to your platform, channel or service.  
  • A personalized video invitation is an engaging method of client or employee onboarding.

Personalized Video Message

A personalized video message can encompass a wide range of content. In general, a personalized message can be used for more sophisticated topics or concerns that merit explanations or instruction.

For example, a personalized video message can take the form of a billing/invoice statement, which would breakdown a customers’ purchase or bill by a narrator. A video message can also take on the form of an announcement - perhaps for a sale or company update - that would be relevant to the recipient.

This type of video may feature a static background image combined with voice-over narration that would explain the contents of the announcement.

Using Personalized Video Messages

  • Educate your customers
  • Experiment with various styles including animations, stock imagery or live action sets
  • Include strong call-to-actions

Easing into the World of Personalized Video Content

The world of personalized video is an exciting new frontier in the marketing universe. However, it can be a confusing and intimidating one. With some of the most successful personalized content campaigns rolled out by massive multinational brands, it’s easy to see why some companies shy away from this strategy

Starting small and simple is the best way to get a “taste-test” of personalized content. Creating a simple personalized video message, personalized video birthday card or a personalized greeting card may be what you need to earn more engagement from your customers.


About the author: Larry Lubin

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