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Len Smofsky Oct 16 ,2018

It’s one thing to learn how to write a script, but it’s a completely different thing to choose the right person for a video script. And that’s why this choice should be made carefully.

Picking the best scribe for the screen can mean the difference between a video that boosts traffic and conversions, or a lackluster video that your audience ignores.

With that said, we’re here to help you figure out how to recruit the best person for the job.


Writing video content is much like a team sport. Consider football – the game requires all kinds of positions; quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, linemen. Typically, a player excels at one of these positions – it’s unlikely they will be able to master multiple roles.

Writers are much the same. The person who has spent his or her career penning long-form blog articles and white papers may not be the writer for your humorous product video.

Even among seasoned video scriptwriters, limitations may exist. For example, the person who can write explainer videos with their eyes closed may feel completely lost when it comes time to write a 30-second video for social media.

To explain these limitations further, we can boil all of this down to a few factors which we’ve listed below.


  • Familiarity – It goes without saying that a writer who has never written for a certain video format will find the first job challenging. Fortunately, this is the easiest “barrier” to overcome, especially if the writer is a quick study.
  • Versatility – Some writers, whether it’s because of their skill or personality, will have a greater or lower capacity to adapt to the constraints of different video formats.
  • Malleability – Somewhat related to versatility is the concept of malleability. Some writers who have no experience writing for a specific medium, under the right circumstances, will learn the nuances of the medium while others will struggle.

You don’t have much control over these three factors, so the most important thing is to understand who you’re considering in the first place.


Going back to the football analogy, keep in mind that there are different types of writers out there. In other words, content creators and copywriters excel at different types of writing, and knowing where they excel can help you figure out if they’ll work for your video project or not.


Description: Who is responsible for those hilarious 30-second ads or action-packed branded films? It tends to be the most creative writers out there. They know how to use humour and storytelling to draw audiences in better than any other breed of writer.

Hire For: The creative writer will shine for brand awareness. They’re adept at crafting branded films, web series, animated videos, behind-the-scenes videos and other attention-grabbers better than anyone else.


Description: These writers take complex ideas and distill them into simple messages that a third-grader can understand. They tend to write content that’s stripped of cleverness and wit for the sake of clarity and instructing their audiences.

Hire For: These writers are suited best for tutorials, demos, video case studies, presentations and other types of content that involve instruction.


Description: Journalistic writers blend storytelling, education and insight. They tend to dwell in the middle-of-the-funnel, crafting a wide range of content that may teach an audience something foreign, introduce them to a new perspective or entertain them.

Hire For: These writers do best with explainers, product reviews, interview (Q&A) videos and company announcements.


Description: The sales writer pushes an audience’s buttons so that they feel inclined to buy a product. They’re the ones who have the ability to write those heart-tugging headlines and CTAs that makes people click to buy.

Hire For: The sales writer is ideal for bottom-of-the-funnel content. Make sure to pick these writers for product demos, sales videos, video testimonials and personalized videos.

If you are looking to craft personalized videos, make sure to check out and introduce your writers to our IndiVideo platform.


For the sake of your video’s performance, take a step back and truly scrutinize the choice of your writer(s).

You don’t want to frustrate yourself with a writer who doesn’t seem like a natural fit for your project. Conversely, you don’t want to frustrate the writer by asking him or her to work with a format that makes them uncomfortable.

By keeping this principle in mind, you’ll more than likely find a content writer who’ll help you craft the perfect video for your marketing goals.

About the author: Len Smofsky

Len Smofsky

Len has over 25 years of experience in visual communications and strategy. Over the last decade his focus has been primarily in the digital area.

Specializing in corporate communications, Len founded one of Canada’s most successful production companies. His company created leading edge video production, TV commercials, digital strategy and media.

In 2006, Len and Larry formed a partnership to create a new BlueRush with the intent of creating personalized customer experiences using a unique blend of digital media and deep technology capabilities. BlueRush works with clients in the financial services, healthcare and packaged goods industries leveraging current digital technologies and services, creating great user experiences at all points in the customer journey.


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