Landing page with embedded personalized video.
Rielle Ullberg Apr 03 ,2019

There are heaps of landing page techniques out there to help you increase your conversion rates. Interactive elements, dynamic colour schemes, opt-in form “hacks” – you name it, the list goes on.

But few of these techniques are as powerful as the use of video on a landing page. A video landing page is an under-utilized and overlooked “power tool” that every marketer should consider adding to their toolbox.

And even more powerful tactic is creating a personalized landing page with custom videos aimed at individual users.

Let’s dig deeper into the why and how to create personalized video landing pages?


Video landing pages add visual “curb appeal” to a website. A user presented with an attention-grabbing thumbnail will be more inclined to press play and stay on the page. Skeptical? There are several statistics that support the effectiveness of video landing pages for customer acquisition and engagement.


  • Videos engage users for longer on your website – The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.
  • Conversion rate boosting ability – Relevant embedded videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%.
  • Video is a “universal” format – Nearly all respondents in one survey (96% of participants) said that they found videos helpful when making online purchase decisions.
  • Younger audiences have an affinity for video content – Nearly 1 in 3 millennials say they have purchased a product after watching a tutorial or how-to video about it.

Consequently, a landing page with lukewarm conversion rates can see a significant boost if its static text is transformed into compelling visuals.


Adding a video onto a personalized landing page to boost conversion rates may soon become a surface-level tactic. Take things a step further!

Including personalized videos, which speak to users on a one-to-one basis, provides even more conversion-boosting power than adding a regular video alone.


Unbounce is a great example of a content publisher that capitalized on the concept of using a landing page centred around a personalized video. Back in March 2017, Unbounce launched a campaign to draw attention to their new pricing plans.

They understood that price plan updates can rub customers the wrong way. That insight led them to choose personalized video – a format that would explain the price changes in detail.

Creating Custom Thumbnails for Each User

The first line of business was to create a custom thumbnail image for the videos which would be included in their outreach emails. Each viewer would see a personalized thumbnail with the host pointing to a or board on which appeared their name and a personalized message.

When tested for efficacy, Unbounce found the personalized thumbnails had a 14.6% click-through rate compared to generic ones which only had a 9.5% CTR.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Once the user successfully clicked through the email, they were directed to a custom landing page optimized for an engaging post-click experience. Dynamic text replacement was used as a means to further personalization, allowing to add personalized messages and images for each user.

Unbounce hypothesized that if they were able to create a landing page that was as personalized as the emails they sent, viewers would be far more inclined to click on the video itself.

Personalized Reminders for Users

It often takes several touchpoints before users move down the conversion funnel and are ready to click on an offer. Unbounce’s solution to prevent drop-offs at the conversion stage was to set up personalized reminders.

This allowed Unbounce to give recipients a week’s worth of notice before their offer expired, which in turn, allowed them to build a forecast of projected conversions.


  • Choose the right format – Personalized landing pages may contain videos of various formats, which can range from product explainers to testimonials. There isn’t a right or wrong format here, but some will serve your business objectives and audiences better.
  • Consider autoplay vs. press play – Some users prefer video autoplay while others would rather play a video on their own terms. You will need to figure out which option works best for your video.
  • Add a strong, compelling CTA in your video – A personalized video marketing campaign does not mean you can neglect to craft a strong call-to-action. Include this strong CTA both in the audio and the visuals of the video.
  • Use directional cues and navigation – Don’t assume that visitors will automatically take the actions you want them to. Direct them in whatever way possible, whether it’s by means of verbal instructions or visual demonstration or automatic scrolls down the page.
  • Test video length – Video engagement varies at different lengths. There are studies which have honed in on individual numbers, but the best way to uncover your ideal video length is by testing and reviewing your video’s KPIs.
  • Customize thumbnail – Take a page from the Unbounce book and customize your thumbnail. A user’s name is sure to grab their attention, so make sure to use it.
  • A/B split test – Finally, A/B split testing can help you see the effectiveness of each of the elements above and how your video is performing. Think of conducting one!


In most industries, competition is fierce. With so many brands offering similar products and fighting for customers’ attention, it’s hard to stand out.

However, a personalized landing page featuring an embedded personalized video is a powerful way to differentiate your brand and products from others. More importantly, it has the potential to lift your conversion rates.

For more information on how BlueRush can help you create a personalized video for your campaign’s landing page, visit our personalized video platform IndiVideo or contact us today.

About the author: Rielle Ullberg

Rielle Ullberg

Rielle Ullberg has worked to implement SaaS solutions for organizations both big and small. She is a fintech fanatic and communications enthusiast. In her role at BlueRush, Rielle leads marketing and facilitates the company’s digital strategy. Email her at


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