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This is were the personalization process starts for your AE project, the Data Tab is were you create and list all the data-points required to inject the personal information on every placeholder included in your compositions.

You can think of a data point as a link that connects a data-key on your database with a container or placeholder destined to show that information on screen once the video plays.

Add a data point: You can either create a new data point, or pick one from the default list included based on the most frequently used ones.

When creating a new data point you’ll have the option to specify the kind of data point you want based on the personalized data or content you intent to show on a given placeholder, these can be:

  • Text: To inject text data on a paragraph text box
  • Number: To inject numeric information on a paragraph text box.
  • Date: To inject date and time information based on the language option created.
  • URL: With this option you can create a URL related link to feed either a text box or an image placeholder.
  • Color: Use this data point type to manage or inject color information on a vector element, you can define the default value by either an HEX code input or using the included color picker.
  • Boolean: by using 2 opposite options (true / false, yes / no) as keywords to create a logical phrase in Individeo, a Boolean data point can help you simplifying an otherwise complex search in your database to provide one answer while blocking all the incorrect alternatives at the same time.
  • Condition: Use this datapoint to establish interactive conditions between 2 data points or a data point and a numeric value via the following operators:
    • Equal to
    • Not Equal to
    • Defined
    • Provided
    • Redefined
  • Function: This type of data point works in a similar way as the condition one, in the sense that it helps defining actions through the use of a mathematical operator and a predefined value in relation to that operator, it may seem complex but is very useful to manage the logic of the information to be shown when having multiple conditions that can affect a given message or personalized information. In this list you’ll find:
    • Minimum value
    • Maximum value
    • Round
    • Round up
    • Round down
    • Total
    • Good count
    • Bad count
    • Get value between
    • Year from date
    • Month from date
    • Day to date
    • Detect gender
    • All true conditions
    • All false conditions
    • One true condition
    • One false condition
    • Content
    • Operational
  • Content: as of now you can use this data point type to inject personalized text or numeric information composed by more than one word within the same paragraph in which each word can change independently by adding either a simple text + a data point (sentence) or several datapoints together (sentences).

Another classic use of this data point would be when injecting a complete name instead of name and last name separated into two datapoints.

  • Operational: Used to generate data to be injected on a text placeholder based on a mathematical operation between existing data points and defined by the user in the operation box.

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June 10, 2020  2. Extension User Interface
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