5 Ways to Use Personalized Video for Better

Customer Onboarding  


First impressions count and how you choose to welcome or plan ‘customer onboarding’ for prospective clients is one of your most critical business decisions.    So how do you improve your chances of making an excellent first impression?  For starters, USE VIDEO! Video is proven to be better than written text and emails at engaging and maintaining a customer’s attention. Onboarding new clients using video leverages its power to simplify complex information, boost engagement, and motivate action, while meeting customers in a medium they already prefer.  When you add personalization to the mix and tailor a video to the preferences of a potential customer, you elevate your onboarding game.   But before we jump into the 5 major ways to upgrade your onboarding strategy with personalized video, let’s look at how onboarding videos work, along with some of the field-tested ways you can deploy them effectively. 

Be a Jack of All Trades 

Onboarding videos serve many purposes and are most useful to explain a complex idea, usually to a new client who has never heard of your products or services before.   With simple, direct scripts and engaging graphics, it’s easy to convert skeptics into believers with onboarding videos. In fact, 84% of consumers have made a purchase after watching a brand’s video. 

Along with many other applications, personalized videos for onboarding can be used to: 

  • Explain a company’s product, service, brand, or message 
  • Educate new users 
  • Inspire and entice prospects to become customers 
  • Support, inform, and train customers to provide the best user experience for them 
  • Train new employees 
  • Attract new customers 
  • Up-sell and cross-sell existing customers 
  • Improve customer and employee retention 
customer onboarding
In the face of near-limitless choice, such versatility can be daunting, so let’s see how some of our very satisfied customers have used personalized video for onboarding. 

How Does IndiVideo Love You? Let Me Count the Ways 

With IndiVideo, our one-stop video-shop platform, BlueRush created interactive personalized video services for leading brands across industries like banking, insurance, health care, real estate, telecoms and utilities. Looking at some of the ways they’ve used personalized video for onboarding gives a sense of the sheer power and flexibility that can be adapted to your operations.  

1. Do more with how-to videos. Not just for YouTube or TikTok, how-to videos educate customers as they move through their customer journey, giving them the right information at the right time. Just remember to keep it short and simple.

2. Reduce calls to customer support. Maybe it’s a new customer curious about your business or an existing customer that needs help – if people can’t find answers to their questions, they will feel compelled to call your customer support. An informative series of personalized videos saves your precious resources and alleviates the strain on your already-taxed customer support team.

3. Free people to learn better. Whether customers or employees, giving people access to a content library empowers them to take charge of their own learning process as they see fit, adapting it to their own schedules, particular needs, and learning speeds. Internally, this helps you save time if you need to schedule multiple training sessions with numerous employees. 

customer onboarding

4. Put your best foot forward. Building relationships is difficult, but letting people in on who you really are – the ‘real’ human beings behind the logo – creates a priceless authentic connection that is at the core of trust and loyalty. Since customers are immune to the countless impersonal marketing messages they get, turning to video will help you reach customers.  

5. Onto bigger and brighter things. But don’t rest on your laurels. Even long-standing and repeat customers can be onboarded to new services and products and represent great opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell. Customer journeys should never be left to atrophy. Instead, evolve already motivated customers into new and exciting phases. 

The Power of Personalized Video

See how easy it is to build your own personalized video with IndiVideo.

Eyeballs to Onboarding Customers, Action to Loyalty  

Customers are always actively seeking information to best inform their purchasing decisions. Integrating video into your customer onboarding process is the right approach to educate, engage and motivate new customers and employees.  

customer onboarding
By tailoring the messaging directly to their preferences, interactive personalized videos go one step further, above and beyond the already amazing power of video: creating a welcoming environment that nurtures a mutually-beneficial relationship based on authentic communication and trust.