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It’s the hottest real estate market in history, but agents face unprecedented challenges.

Almost overnight, pandemic forced the industry to shift to virtual tours and digital open houses to ensure safety. Agents had to scramble to keep up with a rapidly evolving and low-inventory market, quickly providing prospects with the key listing details to make the sale in the vital moments when buying decisions are being made.

Successful real estate agents are embracing innovation to encourage engagement and activity in this new reality and to build powerful 1:1 connections with the skyrocketing number of potential buyers.

Interactive personalized video (IPV) is helping real estate agents generate excitement around new listings, better engage prospective buyers and stand out from the competition. By using data-driven personalization and interactivity, IPV promotes confident, informed decisions in the minutes that matter — without even stepping foot on the property.

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Create Personalized Video Listings

Reaching prospective buyers in a compelling way in the digital channel is crucial. Data-driven IPV empowers agents, letting them build highly-personalized listings to better compete in the new digital landscape — whether for residential and commercial properties.

Using the IndiVideo platform, listings give buyers a more complete picture of the property, highlighting all the key data points and providing important contextual details and neighborhood statistics that might be overlooked. Able to be shared directly with prospective buyers, existing clients or across social channels, the IndiVideo personalized video listing provides an interactive call to action to view the listing, contact the agents or book a showing.

Build 1:1 Connections at Scale

IPV lets you reach out to prospective buyers – at scale – without losing a personal human touch. Make a more powerful and compelling call to action with a short, personalized message and using our After Effects plug-in to “wow” prospects.

Personalized videos can also help prospects understand the market conditions they face, demonstrating the firm or agent’s thought leadership and building interest and loyalty. In today’s market, time is of the essence. IndiVideo makes it easy, so you can reach potential buyers and make a great impact as fast as possible.


reduction in churn with a personalized approach


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We believe in a personal, human connection.

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