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Investments & Retirement

Informative videos are proven to help customers understand their investment statements and options.

Interactive personalized video simplifies complex concepts, so customers are empowered with the data – and confidence – to make their best investment decisions.



Increase in Email CTR


Lift In Conversions


Increase In Sales


Lift In Tool Adoption

Drive Value At Any Customer Touchpoint


Increase Contributions

Show customers how increasing their contributions will create an even better future.

Transform Statements

Transform typically boring financial statements into engaging digital experiences.

Inform Customers

With a full understanding of what they are doing, customers feel more confident they are making sound investments.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Visual storytelling provides recommendations that are completely personalized for each customer.

Customer Satisfaction

By providing information that is engaging, intuitive and easy to follow, your customer is satisfied and here to stay.

Whether saving for retirement or other important financial goals, customers struggle to find the right information. Tailor personalized videos to each customers unique needs in a way that is intuitive and easy to follow.

Investing doesn’t have to be intimidating.

The IndiVideo platform enables you to walk customers through their investment statements, savings goals, and data-driven scenarios based on customer preferences and changes they make to their contributions.

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