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Digital savvy customers are demanding a better experience in everything they do online, including insurance.

Engage customers with personalized videos to offer a superior CX that results in increased sales and loyal customers. 



Increase in Email CTR


Lift In Conversions


Increase In Sales


Lift In Tool Adoption

Drive Value At Any Customer Touchpoint



Boost acquisition with a personalized quote process and simplifying complex policies.


Engage and inform customers with a seamless experience as new and existing clients transition to new products.

Quote Conversions

Communicate new offerings with a personalized overview of a client’s policy.


Present a full range of offerings tailored to their needs with a video that is interactive, measurable, and increases conversions.

Policy Renewal

Reach policy holders with pertinent information at key points in the renewal process.

As policies get more complex and patients expect care with a human touch, interactive personalized videos are essential to simplify processes and transform the digital experience. Simplify onboarding, and help new clients identify the best plan. 

Interactive personalized video simplifies complex concepts in a way that is intuitive and easy to follow. Target buyers, identify user engagement, and tailor information to each customer.

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