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Real-Time Interactive Personalized Video

for Telecommunications

Customer churn isn’t inevitable.

Telecommunications is a highly competitive industry with new contenders emerging from the digital space every day. Traditional “price war” approaches are a losing battle, as customers are pulled back and forth, leaving revenue on the table.

Interactive personalized video (IPV) helps win the war for customers by creating powerful engagement throughout their journey at scale and cost-effectively.

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Drive Customer Acquisitions

Interactive personalized video streamlines customer interactions, strengthening customer satisfaction and building 1:1 rapport.

Even in the digital realm, people want a human experience. IPV provides customers with a personalized touch while giving them the information they need in a more engaging, intuitive and effective way. By tying IPV experiences to vital customer data you can anticipate their support needs while improving their journey.

IPV can help ease any customer frustrations while giving them a human experience and creating opportunities for growth.

Increase Sales

Customers today are constantly bombarded with new solutions. Savvy providers know that exceptional CX — not price — is the key to unlocking sales and revenue growth.

Outstanding and informative IPV, tailored to answer customer questions and meet their needs, helps existing customers understand their options and increases uptake in new offerings, as well as bringing in new customers.

Studies consistently show that when customers are treated better and have good customer experiences they spend more.

Reduce Churn and Increase Retention

Give customers a reason to stay and build lifelong value.

It’s no secret the telecom industry faces massive churn — some estimate as high as 25%. When replacing a customer is 5-10 times more expensive than keeping one, churn is one battle that telcos can’t afford to continue to fight.

IPV helps retain customers by giving them the answers they want without lengthy or frustrating call center experiences. It builds trust and loyalty, truly connecting with customers in the digital channel and enhancing their experience with your brand.


customers with the best experiences spend more than the customers with poor experiences


better view through rates


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