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Real-Time Interactive Personalized Video

for Marketing Agencies

Interactive personalized videos (IPV) create memorable and persuasive digital experiences proven to drive engagement and increase ROI, helping you deliver authentic marketing campaigns that build trust and loyalty.

The best part is that all of this can be done at scale, automated and integrated into ongoing communications, and then distributed for campaigns of any size, product, or target audience.

Leading brands in banking, insurance, real estate, and other industries are using IndiVideo to reach new customers, manage key moments in their customer journey, and always ensure they stay one step ahead of the competition.

Marketing Agencies Use Case

Plug and Play

Our convenient plug-in lets you access IndiVideo directly in Adobe After Effects, so you can kick off your new marketing strategy right away.

And if you need a little help, the IndiVideo Academy can guide you through our easy-to-use tool so you can create your own interactive personalized video campaigns and data dashboards exactly as you see fit.

Hassle-free and intuitive, IndiVideo lets you stay focused on running your campaign, hitting your markers, and making sure the right message gets out to the right people.


Bring Your Own Video

But maybe you’re sitting on a ready-made pile of video assets that you want to use for your next campaign? No problem!

If you’re already a production pro, IndiVideo lets you quickly layer personalization and interactivity on top of your existing videos, so you can easily benefit from the power of IPV without wasting precious resources.

Once IndiVideo weaves its magic into your video, it will return you a wealth of rich engagement data so that you can learn from your video performance.

Customize Your Support

Need help or would you rather go it alone? Either way, feel free to tailor the level and detail of support you need.

We can be as hands-on as you need us to be and can help guide and execute at any stage of your campaign, from video production to deployment and post-launch data analysis.

We built the tech from the ground up and have a dedicated team to help you get the most out of IPV for all your marketing campaigns, big or small.


view through rate means customers are engaged and informed to the end


customer satisfaction when IPV was applied to ongoing communication


increase in engagement 

We believe in a personal, human connection.

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