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Case Study DUCA

A masterclass in engagement,
driving traffic, and acquisition.

Case Study DUCA

A masterclass in engagement,
driving traffic, and acquisition.

Our Challenge

Grow DUCA deposits quickly to support the growth in lending.

Our Solution

Create targeted ads to
drive high-intent traffic

Build interactive web
pages to engage visitors

Craft personalized message
to increase brand affinity

Simplify UX to remove barriers in the prospect to lead journey

Our results

Duration of campaign

Total deposits collected

New contributing members
per day

Ad impressions

Microsite visitors

New leads

Advertising: Drive Traffic

Northern Lights conducted a comprehensive and integrated digital advertising buy leveraging previously tested digital media:

  • Google & Bing Paid Search, Display (including contextual, site specific, remarketing, custom and affinity audience targeting, and geotargeting)
  • Email (GMAIL, contextual, custom audience)
  • Facebook Paid Advertising (Newsfeed & Right Column ads leveraging demographic & interest-based targeting, geotargeting, lookalike targeting, life event targeting, custom audience targeting, and remarketing)
  • DUCA organic social activity
  • Other Paid Display networks and properties
  • DUCA In House Email Nurturing (Member targeting).

Creative: Engage and Personalize

The promotion was supported by a full suite of mobile-optimized text and display creative assets. We also created a dedicated microsite to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of lead generation. The interactive microsite included a clear call to action encouraging a phone call or online account opening designed to structure and simplify prospect interactions and drive volume.

Load Management: Accelerate Acquisition

The online application process linked directly to DUCA’s CRM system whereby any partially finished applications could trigger DUCA’s contact centre to email or phone the client. The promotion also featured ongoing status reports. Results, by branch and channel, were made available to leaders through CRM dashboards on a daily basis. Reporting and analysis was carried out by Northern Lights on a weekly basis to make adjustments with a view to optimize spend and capitalize on identified opportunities. For example, expansion of geographic parameters of the advertising buy resulted in additional volume driven at an acquisition cost lower than in the core markets.

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