Case Study CIBC

Interactive game directly engages prospects to promote product and increase enrollment.


The Challenge

CIBC wanted to promote their Aventura travel rewards credit card, with an engaging and innovative digital solution that both leveraged their new brand mascot and encouraged enrolment, especially among millennials.

The Solution

We created a simple yet informative interactive online gaming experience starring Percy the Penguin. With a fresh approach to credit card applications, CIBC became the first big Canadian bank to use social gaming as a promotional and sign-up tool, helping customers better understand card benefits, increasing applications and overall visibility.

Percy 1
Percy 2
Percy 3
Percy 4




We struck gold with an accessible idea that evoked travel: have players fly Percy through levels that represented different countries where Olympics have been held.


Next Level Game Design

Our team of creative designers engineered engaging and relatable visuals, UX, and gameplay to make the experience approachable and fun.


Value-Added Journey Information

Customer education and conversion were prioritized by incorporating product and enrolment information about the Aventura credit card on multiple screens.


Strong, Innovative CTAs

A shareable leaderboard and an enrolment option to redeem in-game points into Aventura rewards encouraged engagement and sign- ups.


Iteration and Testing

The game levels were built, tested and – after iterating to execute the best customer journey and gaming experience possible – approved by CIBC.


Focused Targeting

With their love of both games and travel, we targeted millennials who followed CIBC on social media, inviting them to play and share their results.


Roll-out Strategy

Incorporated into social media campaigns and bolstered by digital ads placement, the game’s popularity raised CIBC’s profile as an innovative marketing leader.


Data Gathering

Robust tracking metrics means CIBC received data-driven insights to improve the customer journey, open up cross-marketing opportunities and refine their conversion strategy.


Significant uptake

in credit card applications

Increased visibility

of digital application process and new brand mascot

Raised profile

of CIBC as an innovative marketing leader


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