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Case Study ALLSTATE:

Personalized Customer Experience

Case Study ALLSTATE:
Personalized Customer Experience

Our Challenge

Allstate was struggling with closing clients who called requesting quotes. So we created a memorable, highly personalized experience to boost an underperforming conversion rate.

Our Solution

We developed a tailor-made follow-up email that contacted clients within 24 hours of their initial quote. The note featured a link that carried clients to a personalized landing page where an animated video, created with BlueRush’s interactive personalized video platform, IndiVideo, greeted them by name and walked them through their quote, their savings, and the intrinsic benefits of Allstate insurance.

A Consumer Experience
that Epitomizes Allstate

IndiVideo ‘wows’ clients while emphasizing local service, and spelling out each prospect’s unique insurance benefits. It also provides robust tracking metrics so agents can follow-up personally and solidify that one-to-one relationship.


Seamlessly Integrated
Quoting Process

Personalized UX easily drives a prospect from email to landing page to video. Highly relevant videos target eight customer scenarios based on discounts, vehicles, and drivers, and then present personalized content based on the prospect’s data.

Spotlight Savings

A friendly animated video and upbeat design speaks to Allstate’s local, personalized service, while simplifying and highlighting how much the prospect stands to save with Allstate.

Automatic Personalization

We provided an entirely automated, flawless personalized experience to Allstate’s prospective clients thanks to an API that pulled data points from PDF insurance quotes. Finally, using a tracking pixel, we were able to monitor the entire user experience and provide key learnings and develop best practices.

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