Case Study AFP Habitat

Real-time personalized video pension statements motivate pension investors and increase conversions.

The Challenge

AFP Habitat – one of Chile’s largest pension funds – needed an engaging digital experience to compliment their paper pension statements and motivate their 2 million members to open new accounts or make additional pension contributions.

The Solution

Create interactive personalized videos that connect with and educate viewers to compliment the normally difficult-to-understand text-based pension statement. Each video leveraged data to create a customized 1:1 experience unique to each consumer.

*BlueRush’s Interactive Personalized Video Platform, IndiVideo, was implemented at AFP Habitat through BlueRush partner Percus.

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Personalizing the Journey

BlueRush used their Interactive Personalized Video Platform, IndiVideo, to deliver video experiences to each of AFP Habitat’s pension customers.

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Personalizing Email and Video

IndiVideo compliments the need for printed statements. The video is delivered within a personalized email and recipients can click to access their unique video statement.

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Up-Sell Opportunities Presented in CTA

AFP Habitat’s video explain pension details and product options bespoke to each member, increasing engagement, conversions and member retention.

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Data Gathering

AFP Habitat now receives insights about their customer interactions with the IndiVIdeo, and can track their activity as a result of engaging with the experience.

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Personalized Journey Success!



conversion improvement for customers who viewed the video


of viewers watched the entire video


of viewers reported increased satisfaction
and better understanding


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IndiVideo powerful for your business

Transform Financial Statements into Engaging Digital Communications

IndiVideo’s data-driven video solution increases conversions and decreases funnel abandonment at every stage of AFP Habitat’s customers’ journey. Working with IndiVideo, they are able to deliver engaging statements to customers, cost-effectively and at scale, in an environment built for data security and compliance.

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