With a growing number of businesses targeting a worldwide audience through digital channels, the competition is more fierce than ever in all industries. To stand out from the crowd, brands need to deploy innovative strategies and the latest technologies. BlueRush offers the most advanced personalized video marketing platformavailable to businesses located in New York, allowing brands to connect with their customers through digital 1:1 experiences.

IndiVideo, our interactive personalized video platform will maximize your brand’s impact both in New York City and worldwide. With personalized video, you’ll unlock a full range of benefits for your business while providing your customers and prospects with a superior experience.

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IndiVideo is a revolutionary interactive personalized video platform that enables you to increase customer loyalty and engagement at every single touchpoint with minimal internal effort. Using existing or real-time customer data, IndiVideo generates videos that are personalized for each viewer. The platform also gathers and analyzes your customers’ interactions with each video in order to help you develop a deeper understanding of your consumers’ behavior and optimize your strategy accordingly. As stated in research conducted by Gallup, “companies that apply the principles of behavioral economics outperform their peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.”

Generic static content no longer retains customers’ attention. As 58% of consumers report it is very important for companies to provide a personalized experience (Salesforce, 2019), brands need to step up to the challenge. IndiVideo’s award-winning technology allows you to do just that.

At every stage of your customer journey, IndiVideo enables you to provide relevant, contextual, value-rich content that will delight customers and prospects.

Boost Customer Engagement through Video

As the human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish (Microsoft Corp. study), it is more important than ever to produce content that will capture your audience’s attention, especially in a highly stimulating city such as New York. Video is the most efficient way to grasp that fleeting attention. 

According to Martin Stiller, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Financial Insights: “The video format has surpassed all other major marketing formats, especially among the young”. A Brightcove survey also reported that “more than half of Millennials believe video is more engaging than other forms of content, 29% of Millennials said it’s also more memorable, and 76% of adult consumers said they’d purchased a product or service after viewing a company video.” As a benchmark, only about a fifth of site visitors stick around a web page to read a full article. The popularity of plain text is drastically flattening out, and video is critical to breaking through.

Elevate the Experience with Interactivity

Once you’ve secured some quality time to communicate your message, interactive personalized video allows you to develop a two-way conversation with customers and create an engaging experience that will motivate action. Interactivity allows your customers and prospects to participate and provide zero party data that will enable you to further personalize the experience, which will increase its value while boosting engagement and conversions. A message tailored to their specific needs will make customers feel special and appreciated and, topped with interactivity, it will become an experience. 

IndiVideo’s rich analytics dashboards will then allow you to analyse customers’ experience and interactions, which will provide you with valuable data to guide your optimization strategy. As noted by The Financial Brand: “One of the great advantages of experiential content is that it is eminently trackable, whereas with PDFs, beyond the fact that someone downloaded it, you can’t tell how they used it or if they shared it.” If you are looking for the most advanced personalized video analytics New York City businesses have access to, look no further than IndiVideo by BlueRush.

Enhanced Experience with Minimal Lift

Established customers in New York and around the globe rely on and demand video as a brand communication channel. But video alone is not enough. Customers also expect increasingly personalized service. Brands looking to compete at the highest level cannot afford to ignore the value personalized video brings to customer communication strategies. They must produce videos that are personalized, interactive, and engaging to capture customers’ minds and wallets. 

IndiVideo exceeds this expectation through an exclusive mix of predictive personalization, seamless integration, and hyper-scalability. Our platform is built to fit into any existing marketing infrastructure quickly and easily. It takes the effort out of creating unique videos for every customer, allowing your sales team to focus on the bigger picture while still engaging your clients.

While your competitors lose customers with text-heavy generic responses, IndiVideo will equip your brand to win business and delight customers. The opportunities are endless for your New York based business with IndiVideo personalized video marketing!

Leading Customer Engagement Strategy for New York-Based Businesses

We’re passionate about delivering leading-edge personalized video marketing solutions to our customers in New York City. With IndiVideo, your business will be empowered to deliver rich interactive, tailored video experiences at every consumer touchpoint. 

Online technology has revolutionized the ways in which consumers now conduct research, access information, and purchase goods and services. Therefore, personalized customer communications are now essential in New York, as customers have come to expect a significant level of personalization in every brand interaction. The more memorable and enjoyable the experience you provide your audience and prospects, the more likely they are to stick around and become loyal customers. 

To be truly competitive in any field, brands need to ensure the customer feels known and valued. IndiVideo enables brands to cost-effectively scale unique and memorable communications for greater engagement, and gain powerful data insights that will help your business optimize your customer experience and marketing ROI. 

Stay ahead of the competition with IndiVideo by BlueRush, the most advanced personalized video service in New York. Contact us today!

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