Personalized Video Marketing In Montreal

BlueRush offers the most advanced personalized video marketing platform in Montreal, allowing brands to connect with their customers through digital 1:1 experiences. By enabling interactive communications at every touchpoint, our award winning platform increases engagement and boosts conversions across any industry. Give your brand the edge it needs to stand out from competition and experience the BlueRush difference.

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Video & Personalization in Montreal

Video content has exploded in popularity across the internet, and customers can’t get enough of it. Some 54% of internet users would like to see more video content from brands they interact with, and with platforms like YouTube playing over 1 billion hours of video each day, it is clear that video marketing has to play an essential role in any brand’s strategy if they aren’t going to get left behind.

Not only is video more likely to drive conversions, with customers 95% more likely to remember a call to action contained in a video as opposed to simply written in a document, but personalizing that video can increase engagement even further. Customers like to feel as though the brands they interact with consider them as a unique individual, and a personalized video message is an ideal way to communicate effectively and memorably.

Personalized video doesn’t need to only be a one-way information tool either. Interactive videos are becoming increasingly popular, and offer a range of benefits to both the consumer and the brand. By allowing the customer to enter their own information and interact with the video, they receive an even more personalized experience, while the brand receives even more data, allowing for enhanced communication strategies and a greater chance of conversion.

Our Award Winning Video Personalization Platform

The simplest and most effective way to capitalize on the power of personalized video is through Individeo.

IndiVideo is the leading personalized video platform in Montreal, giving brands the power to engage customers with interactive, customized video communications at every step in the customer journey. Our platform’s interactive personalized videos engage existing and new customers, driving them further down the sales funnel and increasing conversions at an accelerated rate.

Every touchpoint can benefit from IndiVideo’s unique capabilities, from onboarding to statements, and everything in between. If you are looking for the best personalized video service Montreal has to offer, look no further than IndiVideo by BlueRush.

Montreal’s Revolutionary Video Technology

Our platform has been recognized internationally as one of the leading technologies through which brands can enhance their customer communication strategy and drive engagement. Some of the awards we have won include:

Customers in Montreal expect a highly personalized brand relationships. Leading companies use personalized video to create powerful communications that engage and convert customers. IndiVideo’s award-winning personalized video software allows you to upgrade your communication strategy with cost-effective scalability and actionable data insights that enhance marketing performance and ROI.

Enhanced Engagement With Minimal Lift

Personalized interactive videos offer a strategic value that brands can’t afford to ignore.   Not only do customers expect personalized video content, their unwavering preference for this type of content makes it a must-have for leading brands.

IndiVideo’s proprietary platform creates personalized video experiences at mass scale without heavy internal lift. BlueRush understands your advisors and salespeople don’t have time to handcraft unique videos for every potential customer that comes down the sales funnel. That’s why IndiVideo is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing infrastructure and do all the heavy lifting on autopilot. While IndiVideo generates personalized videos for your customers, you can focus on breaking new ground in your industry.

Watch the competition fall behind with their generic responses, as your communications strategy outshines them all and engages customers with engaging interactive videos

Montreal’s Leading Customer Engagement Strategy

At BlueRush, we are committed to bringing revolutionary personalized video communications to brands and customers in Montreal. IndiVideo brings cost-effective customizable video directly to your customers with marketing-controlled creative.

With BlueRush’s innovative personalized video platform, the only limit to your customer communications strategy is your imagination.
Is your customer engagement flatlining and have conversions started to drop? Our comprehensive suite of engagement enhancing tools are designed to give your brand the edge it needs to draw in new business and stay ahead of the rest. Contact us today to book in a demo and elevate your brand experience to surpass your customers’ expectations.

With headquarters in Toronto and Montreal, BlueRush has been fortunate to communicate and collaborate with thought-leading organizations from Vancouver, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London and beyond.

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