LIVE WEBINAR | JUNE 15,2022 | 11:00AM EST

How Personalized Video Helps Sales Teams Connect, Convert, and Close

Engage your customers and prospects with videos that speak directly to them.

30 MIN

Need to generate more leads? Qualify more opportunities? Want to or close more deals? When you can’t be in person, meet customers digitally!  

Join Daniel Fleischer – Head of Partnerships, BlueRush and Dana Cordova – Director, Regional Marketing and Demand Gen, Brightcove, for this live 30-minute webinar.

You’ll learn:

How Personalized Video can break through the noise and provide your sales team with genuine value, connection, and conversion.

Real world examples of companies shortening sales cycles and increasing their win rates with personalized interactive video.

The ease and speed at which you can launch your own personalized video campaign -it’s not as hard as you think!

Save your spot for this live webinar and start achieving your sales targets.

Wednesday June 15th

11:00AM EST