Personalized Video Marketing In Chicago

BlueRush offers an interactive personalized video marketing platform in Chicago that gives your brand the power to engage and convert customers in a two-way video conversation. Our award-winning IndiVideo platform creates interactive personalized videos that increase brand loyalty, drive conversions, and give you an edge over your competitors.

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Personalized Video in Chicago

Compared to static text and images, video content is in a class of its own when it comes to media consumed across the internet. Over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every single day, and Netflix accounts for almost 15% of the total data traffic across the entire web. With the popularity of video written on the wall, brands are starting to take note of how this transformative medium can impact and compliment digital marketing strategies.

While video alone is the most effective platform for communicating brand messaging, it is further enhanced by personalization. When customers interact with a video that appears as though it was designed specifically for them, the likelihood of conversion increases, as does brand recall. Brands that are looking to outpace the competition can’t afford to ignore the power of personalized video.

While personalized video engages customers in new and exciting ways, it also functions as an exceptional data collection tool for brands. Interactive videos encourage customers to enter their information to create further personalized experiences, serving more relevant information while entertaining them at the same time. Businesses can then use this data to update their targeting and communications strategy to further increase chances of customer conversions.

Our Award Winning Video Personalization Platform

BlueRush can provide your business with a new set of tools to interact with your customers, boosting sales and brand loyalty at every stage of the customer journey.

Is your communication strategy in need of a new approach? BlueRush offers personalized video software and customizable financial tools to help boost customer satisfaction and engagement. Our programs are designed to integrate seamlessly into any marketing infrastructure and require minimal internal lift to implement. Contact us todayand let us help you stay ahead of the competition.

IndiVideo is BlueRush’s revolutionary personalized video platform. IndiVideo enables your brand to increase customer engagement and loyalty at every touchpoint with minimal internal lift. The platform uses existing, or real-time supplied customer data to create a personalized video for each viewer. The platform then gathers and analyzes customer interactions with each video for deeper customer understanding.

Chicago’s Revolutionary Video Technology

IndiVideo has been recognized as a leader in the personalized video industry through our innovative approach to customer engagement. Some of our awards include:

Personalization in marketing is now an essential element of any successful customer/brand interaction in Chicago. IndiVideo gives your business a unique communication strategy that creates individual messages for each customer. Our exclusive platform can provide personalized videos for every touchpoint and can scale cost-effectively with minimal internal lift. This allows you to stand out from the competition and win business from new and existing customers while futureproofing your marketing efforts.

Custom Communications With Minimal Lift

Customers rely on, and demand, video as a brand communication channel – 72% of customers would prefer to watch a video rather than read text to learn about a product or service. With the rise of social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, the use of digital multimedia is now expected across every industry as customers are time poor and tired of dull text and static images. But video alone is not enough. Customers also expect increasingly personalized service. As a result, brand videos need to be personalized, interactive, and engaging to capture customers’ minds and wallets.

IndiVideo exceeds this expectation through an exclusive mix of predictive personalization, seamless integration, and scale. Our platform is built to fit into any marketing infrastructure quickly and easily, requiring minimal training or internal lift to achieve incredible results. Personalized, interactive videos can be deployed at every touchpoint, providing instantly memorable and engaging content that communicates brand messages. While your competitors lose customers with text-heavy generic responses, IndiVideo will equip your brand to win business and delight customers. The opportunities are endless with IndiVideo personalized video marketing!

Chicago’s Leading Customer Engagement Strategy

When it comes to modern video marketing, BlueRush is passionate about delivering a leading-edge solution to our clients. Our transformative IndiVideo technology gives your brand the power to create interactive, customized communications at every customer touchpoint, increasing engagement and driving conversions.

If you are ready to leave your competition in the dust and elevate your communication strategy, contact BlueRush today and book in for a demo

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