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TORONTO, March 2, 2021 /CNW/ - BlueRush Inc. ("BlueRush" or the "Company") (TSXV: BTV), an emerging personalized video Software as a Service (SaaS) company, announced the most recent version of its personalized video platform, IndiVideo.

Leading financial institutions, and global brands in other verticals use IndiVideo to power their personalized video experiences. The latest release includes the launch of a new Decision Tree Module for IndiVideo's self-serve platform in Adobe After Effects. This functionality will allow companies' in-house creative teams or existing creative agencies to easily manage additional variations of the same video and create personalized video content for multiple audience segments – scaled to hundreds of recipients – without the need to engage development teams.

The release will also enable new avenues of communication by providing companies with the ability to send 1:1 personalized video through email directly from the IndiVideo Portal. "Platform enhancements continue to differentiate us and contribute directly to accelerating global opportunities with partners, existing clients and new logo pursuit. The ability to take video to the next level with IndiVideo is driving significant and measurable results for our end customers," said Steve Taylor, CEO BlueRush.

Impactful personalized video experiences can be created and deployed by BlueRush or by companies' creative teams using the self-serve After Effects IndiVideo Plugin. To better support self-serve users, the IndiVideo Plugin now features beta integration with Google's Text-to-Speech, the ability to add chapters to the video progress bar, and a redesigned content list module to make it more intuitive, aligning with project workflow.

Additionally, the latest IndiVideo release will include an auto play feature with improved Google Analytics integration to support reporting and optimization efforts and will position companies for success with IndiVideo personalized video by providing new and updated training and support for the most used personalization techniques through the BlueRush Academy. Lastly, the release will provide companies with the ability to initiate a self-onboarding process through the IndiVideo Portal to create a seamless user experience for new clients.

About BlueRush

BlueRush recently announced record subscription and support revenue for Q1 2021. Interactive Personalized Video positions BlueRush very well to continue supporting our customers during the COVID crisis and beyond. BlueRush develops and markets IndiVideo™, a disruptive, award-winning interactive personalized video platform that drives return on investment throughout the customer lifecycle, from increased conversions to more engaging statements and customer care. IndiVideo enables BlueRush clients to capture knowledge and data from their customers' video interaction, creating new and compelling data driven customer insights.

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