TORONTO, Aug. 6, 2020 /CNW/ - BlueRush Inc. ("BlueRush" or the "Company") (TSX-V: BTV), an emerging personalized video Software as a Service (SaaS) company, announced the launch of new self-serve functionality for its personalized video platform, IndiVideo. This functionality will allow companies to easily create, personalize, and deploy videos on their own.

Leading financial institutions and global brands in other verticals currently use IndiVideo to power their personalized video experiences. To date, these experiences were created and deployed by BlueRush. The self-serve platform integrates with Adobe After-Effects to make the technology accessible to the client's in-house creative teams or with their existing creative agencies. Customers can also now transform pre-existing videos by adding personalization, interactivity, calls to action, accessibility and analytics.

"We realize that the vast majority of existing video content is generic," said Len Smofsky, Executive Vice-President of BlueRush. "These videos are often unoptimized, untracked, and non-compliant. Our customers are looking for cost-effective ways to improve their video marketing performance. We've built the self-serve functionality so that any user can enhance generic video with personalization, interactive CTAs, data tracking to analyze performance, and closed-captions and audio transcripts for full accessibility compliance."

"This is BlueRush's biggest product release to date. We believe it will significantly expand our company's reach with a lower barrier of entry," said Steve Taylor, CEO of BlueRush. "Recognized for our platform's scalability and security, we are the leading personalized video platform for North America's financial institutions. Our self-serve platform will enable a wider audience to easily create world-class personalized videos from scratch or optimize existing video assets." 

With the release of the self-serve solution, BlueRush has introduced new IndiVideo pricing options for companies, agencies and video creators. Contact BlueRush to learn more.

About BlueRush

BlueRush recently announced impressive Year-over-Year SaaS growth for 3rd Quarter Results. Interactive Personalized Video positions BlueRush very well to support our customers during the COVID crisis and beyond. BlueRush develops and markets IndiVideo™, a disruptive, award-winning interactive personalized video platform that drives return on investment throughout the customer lifecycle, from increased conversions to more engaging statements and customer care. IndiVideo enables BlueRush clients to capture knowledge and data from their customers' video interaction, creating new and compelling data driven customer insights.

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