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How Personalized Video Helps Sales Teams

Engage your customers and prospects with personalized videos that speak directly to them.


BlueRush Joins the Brightcove Marketplace, Enabling Customers to Add Personalization to Videos

BlueRush recently joined the Brightcove Marketplace to provide Brightcove customers personalized video marketing and sales capabilities. The IndiVideo integration provides Brightcove customers with an easy way to create personalized videos to capture the attention of viewers and keep audiences engaged, all while leveraging the reliable, scalable, and secure delivery of the Brightcove Platform.

The integration allows Brightcove customers to quickly and easily create additional value from new or existing videos using our personalized video creation at scale capabilities.The BlueRush IndiVideo platform is built with integrations to meet organization’s personalized video marketing needs.

With just a few clicks, videos hosted on the Brightcove Platform can be embedded into personalized templates that offer significant and easy-to-use creative flexibility to marketing and salespeople who want to achieve higher levels of engagement and better conversion metrics.

In today’s digital world, personalized video marketing is critical to success. As organizations continue to invest time and money in video, they need to maximize their return on investment.

The success of this partnership led to a 30-minute webinar showing how easy it is to get started with personalized video.

Want to help your sales team Connect, Convert, and Close?

You know that video is the preferred medium to reach customers, but not sure where to start?

Grab a coffee, watch our webinar and you’ll learn:

How Personalized Video can break through the noise and provide your sales team with genuine value, connection, and conversion.

Real world examples of companies shortening sales cycles and increasing their win rates with personalized interactive video.

The ease and speed at which you can launch your own personalized video campaign -it’s not as hard as you think!

We will walk your through how easy it is to use personalized video and get you started on your first campaign.

Want to find out more about BrightCove and BlueRush?

Check out this video.

Brightcove and BlueRush Youtube Video