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Digital mortage marketing strategy
Larry Lubin   Tue July 17, 2018

Digital Mortgage Marketing

Increase Mortgage Acquisitions with Personalized Video

The mortgage industry is rapidly evolving to meet the digitization of financial services. As customers move from in-person to digital interactions, successful lenders are adopting online mortgage marketing strategies to take their outreach to the next level. This transition allows brokers to facilitate more acquisitions and more sales.

Are you still buying lead lists and cold-calling unresponsive clients? Imagine the difference if you could generate your own leads with a target audience who reaches out to you. Inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound leads and generate more qualified, high-intent contacts for your business.

You can take advantage of digital mortgage acquisition strategies to target new home buyers and refinance shoppers who are actively looking for your services. An incredibly effective way to do so is through personalized video.

How Personalized Video Works to Enhance Mortgage Marketing Strategies

If you’ve ever sent emails that address each recipient by name, you know the value of personalization. So it should come as no surprise that personalized content marketing has changed the marketing landscape. Personalized video increases comprehension and engagement, significantly enhancing digital mortgage marketing strategies.

power of personalized video

4 Ways you can use personalized video to increase your digital mortgage acquisitions:

1) Stand Out From Your Competitors

While digital mortgage marketing helps prospective clients find you, it also makes it easier to find your competitors. So how do you stand out?  

In all likelihood, most of your competitors are using the same techniques online. Mass emailing, text or photo ads, and promising better customer service or rates. To mortgage shoppers, everyone starts to look the same. This is your chance to stand out.

Mortgage rates are no longer the deciding factor when selecting a lender. Customer experience is almost on par with rates, meaning lenders who don’t improve their customer outreach are ignoring a profound market shift.

Personalized video makes you stand out from your competitors. Video is the biggest driver of online engagement. It displays professionalism that increases trust in potential clients and creates a more memorable, personal experience. Using personalized video can improve how you relate to your customers, showing them that you understand their needs and that you provide an enhanced customer experience.

2) Market to Each Individual Client

Personalized video can capture potential clients at any stage of the conversion funnel. The needs of prospects, leads, clients, and returning clients can all be met through personally tailored videos.

Taking advantage of technology like IndiVideo, videos can be personalized to each individual client in real-time. IndiVideo creates a digital marketing experience that engages customers, using the information they supply to create a video tailored to their exact needs.

See how it works for yourself with the video below:

3) Collect Valuable Data to Enhance Online Mortgage Marketing Strategies

The information viewers supply when interacting with personalized video is incredibly valuable for two reasons. The data helps create individually tailored videos in real-time, giving clients a bespoke experience that is responsive to their needs while requiring no work on your part. More importantly, you get to collect this data, which is valuable user information that provides insights on your target customers.

You can leverage this data to create more engaging and targeted marketing strategies, know when to reach out to prospects, and anticipate their needs based on their in-video responses.

4) Demystify Digital Mortgages

For first-time home buyers, digital mortgages can be complicated and confusing. This is where other lenders can lose clients to banks and in-person lenders. Mortgage shoppers tend to be more comfortable with a person explaining their options face-to-face. Fortunately, video is an effective tool for simplifying digital mortgage concepts and the overall experience.

Interactive video content explains financial products and concepts. It is engaging, interesting, and is suited for a number of learning types, including:

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Verbal
  • Social
  • Solitary

The result is a greater degree of understanding and recollection. The more your potential clients understand the benefits of your service, the easier they are to retain and convert.

Convert Digital Mortgage Marketing to Digital Mortgage Acquisitions

Personalized video is the tool to transform your digital marketing efforts into successful mortgage acquisitions. Contact us today to discover how IndiVideo can personalize your customer experience.

personalized video for financial services

About the author: Larry Lubin

As original founder, Chairman and CEO of Fitech, now part of CGI, Larry began innovating in sales, software development, and financial services. Many leading applications for Financial Institutions including the Reality Check™ series for Scotia Bank were developed by Larry and his Fitech team. 

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