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Customer Communications Management

Discover how CCM providers drive digital transformation using IndiVideo.

Customer Communications Management

Discover how CCM providers drive digital transformation using IndiVideo.

Optimize the customer journey

IndiVideo enables a seamless customer journey from initial attraction to retention. Increase conversions and decrease funnel abandonment at every stage of your customers’ journey.
Individeo is completely data-driven, providing organizations with a complete view of a client’s engagement, enabling organizations to track ROI on their communication and make continuous iterations.

Drive the end-to-end

customer lifecycle

IndiVideo provides CCM organizations with a digital solution that manages the end-to-end customer lifecycle, enabling organizations to simultaneously drive digital transformation and create personalized client experiences.

Billing data

Use account data to create immersive educational experiences that simplify bill complexity and explain unexpected or new charges. We also offer new products, bundles, or service changes based on existing customer data, trends, and predictive modelling.


The Customer Journey

with Video Billing


Offer a visual story to onboard customers and explain elements of the bill while reducing customer care costs and churn by proactively addressing concerns that typically lead to call centre inquiries.


Customer Satisfaction

and NPS


Create brand advocates by digitally engaging with customers 1:1 and lift Net Promoter Scores by demonstrating your personal commitment to each customer.


Data Driven

Meticulously track ROI on communications and make continuous iterations thanks to robust analytics based on video engagement.


Security and Privacy

Maintain control of your security protocols and keep all data on your servers thanks to IndiVideo’s in-platform rendering.


of viewers remained fully engaged,
watching the entirety of the IndiVideo


of customers are more satisfied with and better understand their pension statements when delivered by IndiVideo

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