Boost Card Sales by 80% With Personalized Video

Personalized video drives higher customer engagement.

In this example, the goal was to help drive more credit card sales by helping customers better understand the best suited card for their needs. Data showed customers were unable to understand the results, leading to high inquiries and inefficient processes. Once a personalized video made by IndiVideo was introduced to explain the results TD Bank saw 80% increase in credit card applications.

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Discover The Power Of Personalized Video

For banks, engaging customers can be a challange nowadays as customers are being hit with many different ads and communication materials. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Make it personal, and use a digital medium they’ll actually pay attention to: data-driven video.

Our leading Video Platform IndiVideo, lets you connect 1:1 with customers, simplifying complex info, engaging them in real time and sparking interest.

Cost Effective


Grow your client numbers through dynamic experiences that meet customers where they are and on channels they prefer.



Integrating tools like interactive statements into your ongoing communications delivers higher engagement and stronger client satisfaction.



Empower clients with a smart portfolio of dynamic solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Why our clients love us

Leading global organizations are leveraging our interactive personalized video platform, IndiVideo, to transform the digital customer experience and drive significant ROI.

AFP Habitat Case Study
Duca Case Study
Pacific Life Case Study

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