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The personalize tab is the section used to connect the data points created with the placeholders that will  display the data on the video. There are 9 different personalization types used to assign a data point to personalize a visual placeholder. They are accessed via the drop-down menu.  The personalization types include:

Text: to inject text or numeric information on a text box.

Color: to inject or change the color information on a vector element in your composition.

Follow: to circumvent a limitation of AfterEffects using the follow feature to connect 2 TextFields with different properties together. For example, writing “Hi Richard” and have the “Hi” bold, requires d 2 TextFields linked with follow.

Position: to modify the position of an element, fixed or animated, between two or more values.

Opacity: to customise the opacity of an element.

Rotation: to alter the rotation parameter under the “transform” options of the composition element.

Scale: to transform the scale of an element based on the values injected.

Event: to mark an event on the timeline as a signal specific to that time.

Visible: to show or hide an element depending on the value injected.

Each placeholder can have multiple types of personalization. For example, a text-field can be used to change the text content, color, and scale at the same time.


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May 7, 2021  3. User Interface
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