Larry Lubin Apr 02 ,2020

Video is proven to capture customer attention and increase customer engagement. Although in theory it’s a simple solution, creating a successful video marketing campaign can become a lengthy and daunting task.

That’s why we’ve created this ultimate video production guide, to help you through every step of the journey.

Type of Video

The first step in creating the ultimate video is to figure out the type of video you want. Based on your intended audience and objective, different types of videos will better suit your needs. There are many types of video to choose from.

Team working together to come up with new ideas.

Check out these articles to help you pick the right one.

Making the Video

So, you’ve decided on the type of video you’re making. All you have to do now is make it. Point the camera and start filming. It might seem like a simple task, but there are a lot of small details that can make a huge difference to the success of your video.

Working together to make a five star video.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when filming and editing your video.

Personalizing the Video

Personalization is key to making sure your video stands out and has maximum impact.

Understanding your customers and their preferences is key to providing a personalized customer experience.

Learn how to take your video to the next level with these helpful articles.

Choosing a Platform

You’ve filmed, edited and personalized your video. Now what? The next step is choosing the right platform to showcase your video. With so many sharing platforms to choose from, it can be tricky to select the right one.

Share your digital marketing content with the world.

Read the guidelines below to find the site that will allow your video to shine.

Optimizing your Video

You’ve put so much hard work into making this video, but it will only pay off if people watch your content. To ensure that it reaches maximum exposure and that audiences watch it from start to finish, follow these recommendations to successfully optimize your video.

Research and analytics help you understand how to best optimize your video.

Start optimizing your video today.

You now have all the pieces to make a successful video. Get ready to attract an audience and engage your customers!

Need further support? Creating a video with all these essential elements is made easy with IndiVideo. Learn more about IndiVideo today.

About the author: Larry Lubin

Larry Lubin

Larry Lubin is founder of BlueRush and has over 30 years of experience providing strategy and solutions to many of North America\’s leading financial firms. Many leading applications for financial institutions were developed by Larry and teams he has worked with throughout his career. As CEO of BlueRush, Larry is providing a much needed vision for a new age of Fintech bridging the realities of legacy and the regulatory environment with unlimited possibilities through advancement in digital technology to empower the consumer. BlueRush is a digital solutions company specialized in financial service and healthcare solutions.


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