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Len Smofsky Jun 23 ,2016

OK. So you’ve mapped your customer journey and your brand is moving towards an omnichannel experience. Bravo! Those are two bold steps forward – but you are only part of the way there.

Now you’re ready to use personalization to give your brand a strategic and creative edge. The trick is to apply personalization at key points in your customer journey where it is the most beneficial to your business.

Personalization has the power to humanize the digital experience. In doing so, you dial up sales conversion, you increase leads or prevent your customer from switching to your competitor. No one expects you to personalize for personalization’s sake. It’s about providing the right personalized experience at the right time to achieve a specific business or marketing objective.


Personalization Works.

Personalization has been shown to give brands an edge when it comes to sales conversion.

  • In-house corporate marketers reported an average 19 percent sales increase from using personalized web experiences, according to 2013 survey report of 1,100 U.K. digital and ecommerce professionals by Econsultancy in association with Monetate.
  • Targeted, personalized calls to action (CTAs) had a 42 percent higher conversion rate than CTAs that weren’t personalized, according to HubSpot’s 2013 analysis of 93,000 CTAs over a year.
  • Personalized videos like INDIVIDEO have already demonstrated an increase in sales conversion of 125%* in the home and auto insurance category.

*Online quote requested by prospect is followed up with a personalized video summary of the quote versus online quote without a personalized video.

The Direct Link Between Personalization and Sales

Marmot, a U.S. outdoor apparel and equipment company, found their conversion rate increased 113% in an online personalization pilot program, according to a case study by Reflektion, the e-commerce marketing company they used. These results were from a pilot program that provided personalized online recommendations and site searches based on the online behaviour of individual consumers.

Pittsburgh-based PNC Financial Services Group launched a personalization strategy designed to deliver relevant, personalized actions and offers in the right channel, at the right time. They reported an “immediate” increase in revenue, and were named #2 National in Banking Customer Experience, by Temkin Ratings in 2013.

Today’s Customers Expect Personalization

Consumers are saying they prefer a personalized digital experience.

  • When a 2012 survey asked 2,000 U.S. and U.K. consumers whether they prefer personalized offers over the notion that companies stop tracking their data, 64 percent of people surveyed wanted the personalized online experience.
  • The survey also found that 73 percent of consumers preferred retailers that use their personal information to make their online shopping experiences more relevant.

About the author: Len Smofsky

Len Smofsky

Len has over 25 years of experience in visual communications and strategy. Over the last decade his focus has been primarily in the digital area.

Specializing in corporate communications, Len founded one of Canada’s most successful production companies. His company created leading edge video production, TV commercials, digital strategy and media.

In 2006, Len and Larry formed a partnership to create a new BlueRush with the intent of creating personalized customer experiences using a unique blend of digital media and deep technology capabilities. BlueRush works with clients in the financial services, healthcare and packaged goods industries leveraging current digital technologies and services, creating great user experiences at all points in the customer journey.


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