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Larry Lubin Feb 12 ,2016

The millennial generation is a force of nature that cannot be ignored by any brand. They are the proverbial “economic curve ball” businesses need to catch. Their mindset is vastly different than previous generations and that’s why marketers and strategists struggle to engage this consumer segment. The largest generation yet, millennials are game-changing the way we do business, for good.

Multi-Generational Snapshot

  • Baby Boomers (1946-64) focused buying decisions on their long-term-needs
  • Generation X (1965-80) was about medium-term goals
  • Millennials (1980-2000) live in the now. They focus on their short-term wants.

Disruptive Forces Behind the Millennial Mind

Millennials, now age 16 to 36, are the product of volatile times. Economic and political turmoil and rampant technological change are their norm. They’ve learned to embrace disruption, and guess what? They like it!

Unfortunately, they live in a financial conundrum. The most educated generation to date, they earn less than previous generations, have lower employment levels and carry more student debt. However, Millennials are embracing the new economy and many are making a career out of their mastery of social channels.

social channels

What’s Different About Millennials?

  • Debt is their lifestyle
    They satisfy their short-term desires but forgo big-picture purchases like homes and vehicles.
  • Social is their influence
    All social and only social. They crowdsource opinions before making a buying decision or standing for something.
  • Sharing is their way
    It’s not only cars and music anymore. Millennials now share designer clothing, designer handbags, and apartments (Airbnb).
  • Too soon for marriage
    Commitment is on the back-burner while they get their lives in order.

Tips on Reaching Millennials

  • Businesses must position themselves to catch this giant economic curve ball now or stay in the dugout.
  • Get into what Millennials are into. Take an interest in their interest in social media, sharable and authentic content, and social responsibility.
  • Make it social. Make it about them. They ignited the share economy – so participate in it in a way that fits with your brand.
  • Millennials don’t need to buy everything. They just want access to it. The brands who succeed give them what they want.

Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research


About the author: Larry Lubin

Larry Lubin

Larry Lubin is founder of BlueRush and has over 30 years of experience providing strategy and solutions to many of North America\’s leading financial firms. Many leading applications for financial institutions were developed by Larry and teams he has worked with throughout his career. As CEO of BlueRush, Larry is providing a much needed vision for a new age of Fintech bridging the realities of legacy and the regulatory environment with unlimited possibilities through advancement in digital technology to empower the consumer. BlueRush is a digital solutions company specialized in financial service and healthcare solutions.


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