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Larry Lubin Mar 20 ,2018


Your staff may be slow to adopt this new role, but there’s a lot of profit to be made by transforming your employees into brand ambassadors. But just how do you make that transformation happen, and how do you protect your brand image?

This transformation process starts with 3 main ingredients:

  • People
  • Pre-approved content and
  • Secure access

Your brand can yield impressive, long-term results. With access to approved marketing and sales content your front-line employees can raise awareness among existing customers of your products and services, share financial and lifestyle content, and cross-sell relevant complementary products.


  • Flick the switch. Give them access to pre-approved marketing collateral. Create knowledgeable, empowered brand ambassadors by giving them access to your approved content. This can actually save you money. And, they will sell more products.You already have the content and the employees: now, get more out of both. From videos to tweets, blogs to infographics to enthralling brand stories: it’s easier for your staff to be your ambassadors when they have interesting content to share about your brand.

    Use a content marketing platform that provides mobile access and offers options for personalization, so your ambassadors can add that human element that truly connects with your customers. (DIGITALREACH™ by BLUERUSH is a great example.)

  • Roll out your content strategy and communicate it to your staffThey need to have the same big picture understanding of what to use when, and why, as you do. Share your thinking and get them excited about helping grow the business.A simple lunch and learn will do the trick. You also need to develop a content sharing/social media policy and how customer comments should be reviewed and answered. Remember: authenticity is what great brand ambassadors bring to the table.

    Provide interesting content and jumpstart your brand ambassador program. Give them something fun or useful they’ll want to share. Help them to feel proud of where they work. And, vary the content. Don’t make it all about your brand. Think about what’s important to your target audiences and develop or curate content that’s appropriate and aligns to shared values.

  • Grow your followers with timely contentBe in the now with your content. Social is up to the minute and your content should be too. Give your employees tweets, blogs and personalized videos that capitalize on the here and now: big news stories of the day such as the U.S. election or Brexit.Use an editorial calendar to cover key seasonal aspects of your business, like mortgage season, summer or Christmas.
  • Get your staff to send your newsletter directly to their contactsClients are much more likely to open a newsletter, when it’s sent by their personal contact at your company.Use your content management platform to provide clients a personalized newsletter with content that’s relevant with them. DigitalREACH allows users to curate relevant content, create a personalized newsletter, and send it to existing customers.
  • Jump into socialRemove the muzzle and empower your employees on social, guided by a strong social media policy outlining how to use it. It’s expected these days. Launch your brand ambassador program with your employees who are already personally active on social, and give rewards for social that’s well done.When 200 of your employees are tweeting about your business, you can drive the conversation.

    Because your employees have access to your content management system they can easily share articles, photos, videos and more. You can even provide ready-made tweets, but encourage them to put it into their own words. Ultimately, you want them to talk about your brand in a real, authentic way that strikes a chord with your clients.

Transform your frontline employees into ultimate brand ambassadors with DIGITALREACH™ your content marketing personalization system. Visit to know more about the content management platform and request a demo.

About the author: Larry Lubin

Larry Lubin

As original founder, Chairman and CEO of Fitech, now part of CGI, Larry began innovating in sales, software development, and financial services. Many leading applications for Financial Institutions including the Reality Check™ series for Scotia Bank were developed by Larry and his Fitech team.

His vision of an optimized and fully integrated sales and customer experience that leverages the power of technology is at the heart of every solution today.

In September of 2003, BlueRush was created with the mission to create the ultimate customer experience. BlueRush currently works with many of North America’s leading financial services, healthcare and consumer packaged goods companies.


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