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Len Smofsky May 20 ,2018

Bless my father. I have explained to him for hours on end about what I do for a living. Despite my best efforts, when I hear him telling friends and family members about my job,  all he manages to say is “he does something with computers”. While that statement is true, I do work with a computer, that’s not the key takeaway I had in mind when explaining the responsibilities of my job.

This same sort of confusion happens with brands when they try to explain their products or services to their customers.

My dad, like most consumers, is relatively intelligent. Fully capable of understanding what I do, the issue here is more about the time and patience it would take for him to fully comprehend the entire concept of my job.  If my own father can’t fully grasp what I do 40 hours a week, then how can you expect consumers to know the intimate details of your business offering in less than 5 minutes?

The answer. Explainer videos.


What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos tell your audience how your business is exactly what they’ve been looking for in as little as a minute.

See how short and to the point that sentence was? Apply that same approach to your company’s explainer videos and you’re on the right track. We’ll discuss in more detail the elements that go into making a good explainer video later in this post.

Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos

If your answer to any of the following questions is “yes”, then your brand could benefit from an explainer video.

  • Are your products or services really complex?
  • Is your industry really complex?
  • Are most of your sales conversations spend educating about your company or offerings?
  • Have customers heard your brand’s name, but don’t really know who you are?
  • Are you a well-known brand having trouble selling people on a new product or service?
  • Is your company having trouble breaking into a market?
  • Do you struggle to convey your value proposition?

Your customers have a problem and you have a solution. Sometimes customers aren’t even aware they have a problem until you reveal your solution to them. So capturing their interest is a matter of engaging and educating your customer in a clear and concise manner. That is exactly why more and more brands are engaging and educating their audiences with explainer videos.

Quick Explainer Video Statistics

How Explainer Videos Boost Conversions

Customers are far more likely to convert after seeing a good explainer video. Many companies see their conversions improve by as much as 144 percent after implementing an explainer on their site.

Explainer Videos Boost Conversions


Why? Because explainer videos command their attention. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video and only  10% of people retain a message when they read text. So for the other 90% of you reading this blog… I hope this message gets through to you!

The bottom line is: the more you increase leads from customers who are familiar and educated on what your business is all about, the easier it is to pull them through your sales funnel.

Elements of Successful Explainer Videos

You’ve seen high-calibre explainer videos in the past. It can be quite easy to identify which videos are working and it’s not hard to reverse engineer the good ones. Here are the common elements every successful explainer video has.

  • Short & Sweet
    This is your brand’s elevator pitch. In as little as a minute, your audience should be able to grasp who you are and how you can help them. At the end of the day, it’s up to you how long your video should be, but the longer it runs, the less likely your audience will be able to retain the message.
  • Uncomplicated
    If you find that you’re trying to cram too much technical jargon and varying subject matter into a short video, you can easily lose your audience. An explainer video should be able to distill complex, or boring aspects of your business in a simple and easy-to-digest way.
  • Speaks to your Audience
    The best explainer videos address customer pain points and show them just how your company can solve them.
  • Focus on the Benefits
    Take your company’s features and convert them into benefits for your clients. Instead of simply promoting your “fast high-speed internet”, speak to the time and headaches saved by your customers – they are no longer pulling out their hair waiting for videos or other content to load.
  • High-Quality
    Your explainer video is likely the first impression the viewer will have of your company. If your video lacks a certain quality, your viewers will likely start to question the quality of your product or service.
  • Professional Voice-Over
    The difference between Morgan Freeman’s deep, wise-sounding voice and Bob from marketing is night and day. Who do you want to be the voice of your brand?
  • Background Music
    The background music you choose has the ability to affect your audience’s mood. Your music choice can make your audience happy, hopeful, or comforted.
  • Fits your Brand
    Your brand’s colours, tone, and voice should all be present in the video. The next time your audience looks at an ad, website, or business card of yours, they should be able to connect your brand to that amazing explainer video they saw.
  • Memorable
    Months after watching your explainer video, the information your audience learned in your explainer video should still resonate with them.
  • A Clear Call-to-Action
    You’ve educated your audience about your company, and showed them how you can help solve their pain points. Now it’s time to bring it home. Create one clear call-to-action urging them to learn more.If something needs to be explained in more detail, your video should convince your audience that they need to take action by contacting one of your team members, watching related videos, or learning more on your website.

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We addressed earlier that a great explainer video needs to speak to your audiences’ pain points. When watching your video, your audience is waiting for you to answer “what’s in it for me?” With personalized video, you have the ability to leverage the information you have gained about each individual prospect or existing customer and use it to tell a story.

Take Your Explainer Videos to the Next Level with Personalized Video

For example. See how this animated explainer video for First Savings Bank below is able to easily communicate the prospect of converting their current RRSP into an RRIF in order to generate more retirement income. Using the customer information they have on file, they are able to implement the customer’s unique situation into the story they tell. Watch below:

Explain Yourself With a Personalized Video From IndiVideo

To learn how you can create professional personalized videos like the one above, watch our explainer video on IndiVideo, the interactive personalized video platform. See how your brand can leverage personalization and interactivity with IndiVideo in order to amplify the explainer effect, and engage your customer base throughout every stage of their journey.

About the author: Len Smofsky

Len Smofsky

Len has over 25 years of experience in visual communications and strategy. Over the last decade his focus has been primarily in the digital area.

Specializing in corporate communications, Len founded one of Canada’s most successful production companies. His company created leading edge video production, TV commercials, digital strategy and media.

In 2006, Len and Larry formed a partnership to create a new BlueRush with the intent of creating personalized customer experiences using a unique blend of digital media and deep technology capabilities. BlueRush works with clients in the financial services, healthcare and packaged goods industries leveraging current digital technologies and services, creating great user experiences at all points in the customer journey.


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