Video rendering workflow

Partial Render Vs  Full Render

Because video rendering can be a long process, IndiVideo allows the activation and deactivation of the media-based layer during the rendering phase. This is especially useful to tweak and re-render the vector-based layer multiple times without re-rendering the media-based layer of the personalized video.

Video Optimization For Web

The IndiVideo extension does not currently optimize the rendered media files for the web. Completing a video render in the AE Extension leads IndiVideo to generate a certain number of uncompressed media files on a drive. Those files are MOV if the video is rendered using the “Video” mode or “WAV” if the video is  rendered using the “Audio” mode. The files are found in a folder called “watch”.  They are accessible from the three dots menu in the Render Tab by clicking on the “Open Render Output Location”.

Using Adobe Media Encoder (or any other preferred video rendering software),  convert MOV files from the “watch” folder to an appropriate MP4 file or any WAV file in an appropriate MP3 file. By default, using the following pre-sets for any MP3 and MP4 produced for IndiVideo is recommended to ensure everybody accessing a personalized video gets the most optimal video experience.  These include:


  • Recommended Pre-sets For Video Files:
    • MP4: H.264, Variable Bitrate 2 Pass (VBR 2 pass),
    • Profil: High or Main, 1.5 to 2.44 Mbits/sec, 1 keyframe every 30 frames.
    • Audio using AAC Version 2, 44100 Hz, 128 Kbits/s, Stereo, Quality: High or Medium
  • Recommended Pre-sets For Audio Files:
    • MP3: 128 Kbits/s, Stereo,
    • Quality: High or Medium

To allow the video deployment to work as expected, the web-optimized files must be within the “watch” folder. If the MP3/MP4 files are generated using the Adobe Media Encoder watch folder feature,  the rendered files do not need to be moved at the root of the “watch” folder as IndiVideo knows how to find the required files in the sub-folder created by Adobe Media Encoder.

Last Update: August 17, 2020  

August 17, 2020  3. User Interface
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