Render Tab

The render tab works in a similar as the Preview tab, but only includes the main compositions contained in the _OUTPUT folder of your project, the same that will be used to render the final personalized videos and its associated assets for you to later upload during the deployment stage.

If you have more than one composition, you can render them all at once or select a specific composition.

Remember that personalized videos can be driven by two media types, either audio in the form of an mp3 file, or video in the form of an mp4 file, they work as base layers for the information displayed and are crucial on managing the events that will occur during the video experience, for that the render tab allows you to choose between the two media types before rendering, even if you’ve set your project to be based on one type of media in the original project settings back when you started.

Once you click on the render button Individeo will export all the assets to proprietary containers, but you can always re-render after modifications and Individeo will replace previously render files automatically.

Last Update: June 10, 2020  

June 10, 2020  2. Extension User Interface
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