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The personalize tab is the section were you can connect the data points you’ve created, and the placeholders that will reproduce and show the data on the video. For ease of use we’ve created 10 different personalization types, you will access those via the drop-down menu in order to assign the data point to personalize a visual placeholder.

The personalization types included are:

  • Text: To inject text or numeric information on a text box.
  • Color: To inject or change the color information on a vector element in your composition.
  • Follow:
  • Position: To modify the position of an element, it can be fixed or animated between two or more values.
  • Opacity: To personalize the opacity of an element.
  • Rotation: Similar to the position type but alters the rotation parameter under the “transform” options of your composition element.
  • Scale: To transform the scale of an element based on the values injected.
  • Arc:
  • Event: To mark an event on the timeline as a signal specific to that time.
  • Visible: To show or hide an element depending on the value injected.

After assigning a data point to personalize an element in your video, you’ll have different options to further improve the precision in the personalization process, to go deeper into those and other options provided you’ll have access to specific tutorials and guides in our Individeo Academy.

Last Update: June 10, 2020  

June 10, 2020  2. Extension User Interface
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