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While managing information or data to be included on a project you may find data that can be listed as sets bind to a single data point, a classic example would be the months of a year, in this case you have a set of 12 options to be injected on a single data point called “month” depending on the date stated on your video, for this kind of uses you can use the Content List Tab

A list, contains sets of information predefined to automatically fulfill specific data into an assigned datapoint when you specify that the value injected is not a number or another data point but instead it’s “Specified by list”

In the same way we do for the data point creation, a list can have 3 types:

  • Boolean
  • Number
  • Text

Choosing when to generate content lists and how to bind lists to datapoints is an exercise in basic logic, but with a little practice you can save a lot of time by automatizing some of the data management by organizing the information under the advantages offered by the list tab.

Additionally, Individeo has a series of predetermined content list based on the sets of information most commonly required when making personalized videos, this can also serve as a reference when you decide to create your own lists.

Last Update: June 10, 2020  

June 10, 2020  2. Extension User Interface
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