Test Case Data

The Test Case Data accordion will allow you to see all external and inferred data points, as well as see the data points in their raw format.

External Data Points

External data points are defined by motion designers when they create the video. There data points will be injected into the video using one of the 2 data transfer approaches.

Inferred Data Points

Inferred data points are also defined by motion designers when the video is created. As opposed to being injected into the video, they are calculated or generated based on External Data Points, or other values.

For example, your data point may be defined as follows -> recipientFiratName = “Richard”

The motion designer may have created an inferred data point as follows -> Salutations = Hi {recipientFirstName}

If the inferred page you would see Salutations = “Hi Richard”

Display data in raw format

This toggle buttons will turn the formatting on or off for the external data points. Formatting can be number rounding, currently localization or other potential validations.

For example, if the raw data point is 1000, the formatted display could be $1,000.

Last Update: June 10, 2020  

June 10, 2020  3. INDIVIDEO Test Suite
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