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Thanks for choosing Individeo as your tool for personalizing video content, the goal of this document is to provide you with the basic knowledge on how our AE extension works, with clear descriptions of every section and every stage of the personalization process, so you can be confident and start taking full advantage of Individeo as the tool to take your video content to a personal level.

Individeo overview

After years of producing video content for our clients, we decided to create a way to personalize content on those videos, the premise of creating one video base with snippets of personal information for each receiver was “one to many” and it was attractive enough for us to concentrate a big part of our time researching and developing options, the result of this work is our Individeo extension for AE.

With Individeo the After Effects user can create place holders in which the content can change to be personalized, from the name of the person who receives the video to an image or complete portions of animated content like video sequences, so you can work as you’ve always done while generating video that looks and sounds unique for each one of the persons who will receive it, all based on a fairly simple logic.

For the AE user the biggest advantage of Individeo lies in that you don’t need to render multiple video files as you would under the traditional way, but just one video file that plays different personalized content depending on the person who receives it.

Technically speaking, Individeo renders the final video experience on the user’s platform, be it a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, this results in content that is light, fast and secure, because no video file containing personal information is ever stored during the process.

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