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Today’s customers are some of the most savvy and sophisticated consumers to date. They operate with more control and power than ever before, and some of them really know how to wield their resources. In order to win them over and work towards a long-lasting customer/provider relationship, companies need to be expertly practiced on how they identify high-value targets, engage them, and proceed to nurture them into great accounts.

To adapt to meet the needs of today’s savvier consumers, marketing and sales teams have evolved their practices in order to effectively engage customers. There are always new and innovative methods of communication that marketing teams adopt in order to create the best possible consumer journey.

Today, we’ll explore how account-based marketing, working together with personalized video, is a surefire recipe for long-term ROI.


By employing account-based marketing tactics, you’re not only improving the process of obtaining new customers, but also how you retain and grow your existing high-value accounts.

With a strong account-based marketing plan in place, more effort is focused on targeting high-value accounts that are ripe for your business. Then, your sales and marketing teams work in harmony, collaborating and sharing all of the vital information gained from each individual account. That account data is then used to gain a better understanding of where your customer is in their buying cycle, and then used to predict their future needs.

When marketing teams have a full understanding of what their customer is looking for and how they can provide a solution, it’s just a matter of finding the best medium to communicate that value back to your clients.


Your high profile prospects or key accounts are going to come across several videos from your competitors. So how are the videos your company produces going to stand out from the pack?

No medium is quite as effective at capturing your audience’s attention than personalized video. Why? At the end of the day, the key decision makers you are trying to reel in only have time to pay attention to content that is relevant to them.

Personalized video is able to leverage data — anything from vague to the intimate details — from your customer’s account. This data can be used to tell a unique story to the customer centered around their individual problems, and subsequently demonstrate how your company’s solution solves their problems. Each video you release is automatically tailored to deliver the most relevant content, adapting to each of your customer’s needs.

See how IndiVideo by BlueRush works to deliver unique personalized content to multiple users.


Over the course of your relationship with a customer, helpful, entertaining, and professional personalized videos work to build a level of comfort that your clients will appreciate.

On the back end, personalized video is ideal for enhancing account-based marketing tactics. Sales teams have the opportunity to gain valuable information from customers, and marketing teams can create the best possible experience for them.

power of personalized video


Personalized interactive videos have the potential to make your sales teams’ lives much easier. How? With an interactive video, you are able to gather critical client information and the video will cater content specifically for the viewer. Once it’s time for your sales teams to convert, they are well equipped with all the info they need on the client.

In the video below, watch how this personalized savings coach is able to adapt in real time to the information the viewer supplies. Where filling out forms can be seen as boring, this video is able to gather more essential data, all bundled into an educational and entertaining experience that is personalized on the fly as the consumer moves forward.


See in the video below how Allstate customers are greeted with a follow-up video from their meeting with an agent. At the end of the video, the customer has the option to play back some of the important details that they discussed in their meeting.

This video was sent as a follow-up to an in-person agent and customer meeting. By sending this kind of content, the prospective client is given another resource to go back to when deciding between AllState and their competitors. The video above works as a reminder of what was discussed in the meeting, housed within an entertaining, branded experience.


Account-based marketers are always divining how they can deliver more value to their top tier clients. With all of the data available, you should strive to anticipate your customers’ needs in advance and act strategically, rather than retroactively.

For example, customers may not know it’s time to upgrade a certain product or are unaware of the benefits of the new product or service you’re offering

The personalized video below perfectly demonstrates how one brand can easily illustrate the opportunity of converting their Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) into a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF).


Your audience is now consuming over 12 hours of media content every day. Video has become the most important method of reaching your audience, and personalized videos are the best way to engage with them.

When sending out content to your high-profile accounts, why not send them a video that will really get their attention?

See in the video below how IndiVideo by BlueRush is able to create a consistent personalized video experience throughout an entire customer journey.

For more insight into how you can increase the effectiveness of your account-based marketing efforts with personalized video, stay tuned to the BlueRush Blog. See how IndiVideo can help create amazing personalized content that keeps your valued customers coming back.

About the author: Larry Lubin

Larry Lubin

As original founder, Chairman and CEO of Fitech, now part of CGI, Larry began innovating in sales, software development, and financial services. Many leading applications for Financial Institutions including the Reality Check™ series for Scotia Bank were developed by Larry and his Fitech team.

His vision of an optimized and fully integrated sales and customer experience that leverages the power of technology is at the heart of every solution today.

In September of 2003, BlueRush was created with the mission to create the ultimate customer experience. BlueRush currently works with many of North America’s leading financial services, healthcare and consumer packaged goods companies.


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